Loving the skin I’m in 

A lot people have said to me “if I was you was you I would try to hide my illness and not tell anybody ” why would I do that? First off there no hiding it especially if they see my arm. I don’t mind educating people about kidney failure because A lot of people don’t understand the process and a lot of are mislead to believe a lot of things that is not true about this disease. If I would have known what I know now about dialysis i could have been a big help to my granny while she was on dialysis. A lot of dialysis patients don’t listen to they kidney doctors and dietian it take for someone who is going through the same thing as them for them to listen. I have nothing to be a shame about this is what I have to go through not you life is what you make it and so far my life have been great. Yes I have had some rough patches but it’s life


Learn from your storm

​God allow things to happen sometimes to get your attention. When I was diagnosed with kidney failure I was 15 I knew God but I wasn’t into the word like I should have been. It was time for me to start leaning and depending on God for myself even though I been in church all my life it was up to me to start having a real  relationship God. Me having kidney failure is what taught me God can do the impossible,me having kidney failure is what taught me God is a way maker,them long nights when body is recking in pain is what taught me to call on the name of Jesus,many days I spent in the hospital by myself taught me God is a comforter,Days when I couldn’t afford my medicine because my insurance didn’t cover it taught me God is a provider. There a lesson in every storm that we go through it up to us if we learn from it. God also showed me that people not going to be there for you when times are hard the worse time to leave someone is when they down and out. God gets the glory no matter what happen in my life it only a test I was built for this.