Loving the skin I’m in 

A lot people have said to me “if I was you was you I would try to hide my illness and not tell anybody ” why would I do that? First off there no hiding it especially if they see my arm. I don’t mind educating people about kidney failure because A lot of people don’t understand the process and a lot of are mislead to believe a lot of things that is not true about this disease. If I would have known what I know now about dialysis i could have been a big help to my granny while she was on dialysis. A lot of dialysis patients don’t listen to they kidney doctors and dietian it take for someone who is going through the same thing as them for them to listen. I have nothing to be a shame about this is what I have to go through not you life is what you make it and so far my life have been great. Yes I have had some rough patches but it’s life


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